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The Asa Archives is a public library of Nepalese manuscripts, named after the late Mr. Asha Man Singh Kansakar, father of the late Mr. Prem Bahadur Kansakar. Mr. Kansakar (1037-1111 Nepal Era) was a prominent activist, social worker, educationist and literary figure who had founded several social, cultural, literary and educational institutions. Most of the manuscripts in this archives were personal collection of Mr. Kansakar which he donated to Cwasa Pasa, a premier literary association of Newar writers on August 16, 1983.

To this collection were later added the donations of valuable manuscripts and palm leaf documents by several well-wishers and friends. Among them mention should be made of Mr. Ian Alsop, an American student of Mr. Kansakar, Dharma Ratna Vajracharya, Reverend Takaoka of Japan, Phanindra Ratna Vajracharya, Gyan Ratna Vajracharya (America), Dr. Kamal Prakash Malla, Punya Prasad Parajuli, Pashupati Man Pahmay, Shakti Man Joshi, Moti Ratna Kasa and Hariharananda Vaidya.

Similarly, more than a dozen other donors have helped this archives with gifts of their personal collection of manuscripts.



To the educational institutions in any corner of the world intent upon assisting the researchers the Asa archives also supplies the CD/DVD of the entire collections for the cost price of NC Rs. 525000. The proceeds will go to the cost of its development and operation. The amount will cover the price of both the digital sets of 7025 manuscripts and 1176 palm leaf documents. If and when any other similar sets are prepared of any other manuscripts or palm leaf documents in future, the same will be supplied free of cost only on payment of expenses towards technical labour involved and courier services.

Note: University/Institutions are requested to contact Asa Archives Trust for the additional manuscripts(upto 7025) and palmleafs(1185)


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latest updates

on 03rd january 2009

More than eleven Hundred Nepalease Palm leaf rolls has been digitized


on 03rd october 2006

7025 manuscripts has been digitized till now and many more to be dizitized