Asa Archives

Published Books of Asa Archives



The Asa Archive
Editor: Raja Shakya
Publication date: 1996 AD
Price: Nepali Rs. 30
Description: A short collection of writings and composition related to the Asa Archives.



A Short Catalogue of Asa Archives
Editor: Raja Shakya
Publication date: 2000 AD
Price: Nepali Rs. 300
Description: This is a short catalogue of 5297 manuscripts chronologically which have been digitalized and preserved in Asa Archives.



A descriptive catalogue of selected manuscripts
Editor: Dr. Janak Lal Vaidya & Prem Bahadur Kansakar
Publication date: 1991 AD
Price: Nepali Rs. 400
Description: It contains a catalogue list of 547 manuscripts among 3000 manuscripts of different subjects which are preserved in Asa Archives.



Catalogue of Selected Buddhist Manuscripts
Editor: Charl M.Novak
Publication date: 1986 AD
Price: Nepali Rs. 25
Description: This is a catalogue of over 200 Buddhists manuscripts from Nepal intended as a guide to exhibit for the 15th world Buddhists conference held in kathmandu valley on Nov. 27 to Dec 2, 1986.



Data va Dan
Publication date: 1991 AD
Description: A bibliographic list of the donors to the Asa Archives. It was publish to inspire the public to donate for preservation of manuscripts in Asa Archives.